"I put my total support behind HydraPouch!"

Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway

Olympic marathoner, best selling author, "America's Coach"

"The HydraPour valve is the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to distribute race hydration products. It's so easy and intuitive that any runner can use it immediately - no training or practice required."

About the HydraPour high-speed dispensing valve

The patent pending HydraPour™ high-speed dispensing valve is the first valve of its kind. The HydraPour valve fills anything - hydration belt flasks, hand-held water bottles, waist pak bottles, HydraPouches, or any other refillable container a runner might carry. And it does it fast - the HydraPour dispenses at a rate of six ounces per second! It fits all common Rubbermaid, Gatorade, and Powerade coolers and can be installed without using any tools. It's so intuitive that it requires no training or experience to be used effectively by racers. Imagine how much better your race would be if you could eliminate some or all of those paper cups, and think about the good you'd be doing for our environment. Now it's possible, with the HydraPour.

When you have HydraPour-equipped high-speed dispensers on your race course, you will:

Improve runner and volunteer safety at aid stations. According to over two-thirds of the runners we've surveyed, and all the race directors we've met, wet slippery paper cups on the ground at aid stations create a safety hazard. Runners slip on them, and they run into volunteers trying to clean them up. When you have HydraPour dispensers on course at your races, paper cup usage will go down, and runner and volunteer safety will improve.

Reduce volunteer staffing requirements. Paper cups = volunteers. Volunteers to fill them, hand them out, sweep them up, pick them out of bushes, ditches, yards, and gutters along the course, bag them, transport them, and segregate them into the proper waste stream. Imagine how much easier it will be to staff and manage your events when your cup usage is reduced by 50% to 100%.

Improve access to on-course hydration products. Hydration for everyone, anytime, anywhere. A HydraPour-equipped hydration station with up to ten dispensers can easily be set up and maintained by one or two volunteers, providing hydration for up to 300 runners per minute. Add HydraPour-equipped dispensers for larger races or busier aid stations, or use fewer for smaller races. Additionally, unmanned HydraPour-equipped dispensers can be distributed throughout the course, providing at least 100 servings of hydration product per dispenser between refills. Put a couple between every aid station!

Reduce paper and plastic waste (and save money!) Getting rid of used paper cups and plastic bottles costs money. How much are you spending on trash collection, hauling, waste stream segregation, tipping fees, and venue usage fees? What would happen to those costs if you could cut your race-day waste by 50%? 75%? For most race directors these days, every dollar counts. How much can you save by reducing or eliminating your paper cup and plastic bottle waste?

Important features and capabilities of the HydraPour high-speed valve:

  • •   Fast! – dispenses six ounces of any beverage in one second.
  • •   One-hand operation – the same hand that's holding the HydraPouch, flask, or bottle.
  • •   High runner throughput – each HydraPour valve serves up to 30 runners per minute.
  • •   Easy to install, easy to manage – no tools, no volunteer training necessary.
  • •   High capacity – typical coolers hold over 100 six-ounce servings between refills.
  • •   Intuitive – runners don't need any training or instruction to use the HydraPour.

Want to know if HydraPour valves will fit on your dispensers? and we’ll let you know.