"I put my total support behind HydraPouch!"

Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway

Olympic marathoner, best selling author, "America's Coach"

"The HydraPour valve couldn't be easier to install. No tools are required, and it fits on all the major coolers you see so often at races."

HydraPour Guidance for Race Organizers and Aid Station Volunteers

HydraPour™-equipped high-speed dispensers are easy for you to incorporate into your existing race-day hydration and aid station plan. You can use as many or few as you need, put them where you want, and continue to provide paper cups for those runners who prefer them.

In the sections below, we'll provide some guidance that will help you:

  • •   Figure out how many HydraPour-equipped high-speed dispensers you'll need at your event.
  • •   Decide where you want to place the HydraPour dispensers.
  • •   Prepare a high-speed dispenser for use.
  • •   Support HydraPour dispensers during the race.

Figure out how many HydraPour-equipped high-speed dispensers you'll need on your race course. It's easy, especially for those of you in charge of the aid stations. You probably already have a pretty good idea of the peak number of runners per minute you serve at your aid stations. You also know how many hydration products you're serving at the aid stations (water, sports drink, etc.). The final thing you need to estimate is how many runners will be using the HydraPour-equipped dispensers - for a completely Cup-Free race it will be everyone, otherwise it's probably one-quarter to one-half of the participants. Knowing that each dispenser can comfortably serve a minimum of 20 runners per minute, you can easily figure out how many dispensers you need at your aid stations. Don't forget to add some for the start and finish areas!

Decide where you want to place the dispensers. To minimize cup usage and improve traffic flow, most race organizers place HydraPour-equipped high-speed dispensers at every aid station, just a little ahead of the aid station but close enough so they can be easily monitored and refilled by the aid station volunteers. Place one or two dispensers on each table, and space the tables out a little so things don't get too crowded. Most organizers group the dispensers together by contents, so all the water dispensers are together and all the sports drink dispensers are together.

Prepare a high-speed dispenser for use. The HydraPour-equipped high-speed dispenser is easy and quick to prepare for use. Simply unscrew the tiny valve that comes standard on your Gatorade, Rubbermaid, or Powerade cooler, insert the HydraPour valve through the hole in the side of the cooler, and hand-tighten the HydraPour valve nut. Please, do not tighten the nut with a tool - hand-tightening is all that is necessary. The valve can be rotated up for easy transport, and rotated down when it's in place and ready to use.

Support HydraPour-equipped dispensers during the race. There's (almost) nothing to it - just make sure the HydraPour-equipped dispenser doesn't run out of water or sports drink. Take off the top and check to make sure the liquid level is well above the level of the valve inlet (make sure the nut that holds the valve in place is well covered in liquid). Add some more when it gets too low - just pour it in the top, even while the dispenser is in use.