"I put my total support behind HydraPouch!"

Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway

Olympic marathoner, best selling author, "America's Coach"

"The HydraPouch is the lightest, most comfortable, and most effective hydration device a runner can carry. I recommend the HydraPouch for anyone who drinks aid station beverages while running a road or trail race."

“I used my new HydraPouch again today at my club's long Saturday run. Before the run I showed it to everyone and introduced the concept – and got a standing ovation!”
    — Stacey, Philadelphia

Become a Retailer Today!

If any of your customers run races, are members of a running club, or train with a training team, you should be a HydraPouch retailer. More importantly, if you have your own training program or sponsor one or more local clubs, races, or training programs, you should be introducing them to the benefits of Cup-Free Racing and Training. You'll save them money, reduce their waste, and you'll sell a lot of HydraPouches!

What's your minimum order?

Only 25 HydraPouches.

How much do retailers pay for HydraPouches?

Our wholesale price is $7.00 each, and our MSRP is $13.95.

The HydraPouches with the custom logos in the Gallery look great - can we get HydraPouches with our logo on them?

Of course, and there's no additional charge for custom logos for any order of 50 or more.

How quickly can you send my order?

We normally ship within three business days of receiving your order.

How do we get started?

It's easy. and we'll help you get started right away.