"I put my total support behind HydraPouch!"

Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway

Olympic marathoner, best selling author, "America's Coach"

"Cup-Free Racing and Training will definitely be the biggest and best change in the sport in years."

Our Story

Here at HydraPouch, we have one and only one goal: to make products that improve race hydration during road and trail races. We’re not trying to invent better drinks, or tell racers how much to drink and when – there’s lots of folks already doing that. We’re trying to improve how on-course hydration products get dispensed, and how runners receive, carry, and drink those products. Why? It’s simple, really. The paper-cup-based aid station experience is wet, sticky, messy, wasteful, frustrating, eco-unfriendly, volunteer-intensive, and downright unsafe. So two years ago, after almost 30 years of racing and five years of stewing on this very important problem, our founder finally set out to do something about it. Working with a team that included lots of runners (professionals, age-groupers, joggers, jog-walkers, etc.), race directors, event organizers, coaches, hydration specialists, industrial designers, graphic artists, fabrication engineers, children (his), and one dog, he came up with two very simple products: the HydraPouch® personal hydrator and the UltraSpout™ high-speed dispensing valve. Whether you’re running in a race or organizing one, and whether you use them separately or together, they will definitely improve your race day hydration experience, reduce your paper-cup footprint, and maybe even make you a little faster.